Global breakthrough in SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics

Real-time non-invasive diagnostics of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus by detecting its presence in the exhaled air as well as swabs collected from nasopharynx or mouth.

Fast result

After only a few dozen seconds, we get the test result!

Data safety

Full data security, encryption, top-class server security.


We conduct research works aimed at detecting other pathogens (e.g. tuberculosis, cancer and antibodies).

Specificity Results


from 96.41% to 97.67%

Confirmed high efficiency of the Covid Detector device in the diagnosis of SARS CoV-2.

Global use of the device

The device is approved for professional use, i.e. by diagnostic companies, hospitals, and medical personnel.

Types of research materials

With the use of various overlays, the Covid Detector allows you to measure samples that are gaseous (exhaled air), liquid (e.g. saliva, swab from the inside of the cheek), solid (any surfaces).


Testing with a disposable exhaled mouthpiece.

Liquid (saliva)

Measurement of liquid material (saliva) using a special disposable tip.


Testing of solids using the direct measuring probe.

Which type of test to choose?

See the comparison of antigen tests, PCR tests and Covid Detector in terms of speed, effectiveness and invasiveness of a given type of test.

Principle of operation

Scattering spectroscopy

Spectroscopy is a branch of science that studies the effects of electromagnetic radiation interacting with solid, liquid or gaseous matter. It is a versatile technique that enables precise determination of many properties of the test substance, including its chemical composition.

Spectroscopic methods

They are currently used in diagnostic medicine because they provide quick and unambiguous analysis of biological materials. Microorganisms differ from each other in the chemical composition or conformation of the proteins that make up their organisms. Thanks to these differences, an appropriately sensitive and parameterized spectroscopic device is able to detect specific signals from the biological material under study.

Detection of other pathogens

Thanks to the modification and appropriate parameterization of the measuring device, in the future it will be possible to detect other pathogens that may potentially pose a threat to human life and contribute to the outbreak of another global pandemic.

A new era of research

Principle of operation

The device makes it possible to perform tests on an unprecedented scale and at a pace that is ensured by new technologies that have not been used in medicine before, using the phenomena of quantum physics and machine learning.













Principle of operation

Test comparison