Frequently Asked Questions



1. Do mouthpieces need to be disinfected?
No, the mouthpieces are removable and disposable. They do not need to be disinfected.

2. What is the effectiveness of such a test?

When analyzing the obtained results, the relationship between the viral load and the obtained results is clearly visible. The more pathogen in the collected material, the higher the sensitivity of the device.

Read more: https://coviddetector.eu/en/effectiveness/

3. Will a negative test result release the tested person from quarantine?
Currently, a negative result does not release the tested person from quarantine. The company applies for gaining a proper recommendation to the Covid Detector for the use of the device in the process of qualifying tested persons to quarantine or release.

4. Do we get any confirmation of the result after such a test done?
We do not get a physical (paper) confirmation, but the test result is saved electronically in the database and displayed on the screen. You can also connect a printer or integrate the device with external diagnostic systems.

5. Is it a safe test?
Yes, the test is completely safe. The mouthpieces are disposable and the test is performed by a professional staff. Additionally, the probe is disinfected after each measurement.

6. How is the tested sample taken from us?
The device is so designed that it enables collecting samples for testing from the exhaled air as well as swabs collected from nasopharynx or mouth.

7. How does such a Covid Detector test differ from others available on the market?
Currently, it is the fastest test on the market thanks to the possibility of performing it from the exhaled air. We get the result in tens of seconds after its execution. Other types of tests give results that you have to wait for up to 24 hours. The Covid Detector test outperforms many antigen tests in terms of effectiveness.

8. Can Covid Detector be used anywhere in the world?
The device can be used in places where there is access to the 230V electrical network and high-speed Internet (download at least 1Mb/s, upload at least 1Mb/s).

9. How quickly do we get the test result?
The result is obtained a maximum of several tens of seconds after the test is performed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WY3BMztQFE

10. Who has access to the test results?
The results are safely stored in an encrypted database on top-class servers.

11. Where can you get tested with the Covid Detector?
The test can be performed in diagnostic laboratories that have our device or by ordering a diagnostic service from us like screening tests for a larger number of people, e.g. in a company or during a mass event.



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